"George I thank you for an outstanding course, your professionalism and knowledge was impressive. Since our handlers went through this course, I have seen a vast improvement in both the handler’s and dog’s abilities and confidence levels. Clicker training with our police dogs far exceeded my expectations." 

george+hickoxAbout George Hickox

George Hickox is offering training clinics for police k9s and police dog handlers. George has been a full time professional dog trainer for twenty five years. George originally trained hunting dogs at a competitive level having campaigned several dogs to the Dog of the Year.  The Police and SOF military community sought George’s expertise in the use of the E-collar, identification training, and ability to keep dogs on task in a real world environments required by handlers and operators. Over the last ten years George has worked with police and SOF groups to help them bring dogs to a higher level of control and reliability.  George has brought innovative training techniques for directional training, avoidance training, search and find, and obedience which provide trainers’ with effective tools and programs that advance the dogs’ ability to do their job at a higher level.

George’s workshops include problem solving, proper introduction and use of the E-collar, advance marker training concepts, and a program developing dogs to high levels of obedience and control in the most demanding environments encountered by canines and handlers.

George is not a professional decoy.  His expertise is dedicated to developing dogs that recall, out, down, odor rec, and stay on task in the face of distractions without losing motivation to get the job done. In the world of legal liabilities and for handlers’ safety dogs have to do their job while being under absolute control without losing motivation to work.  George’s clinics will provide canine handlers with better tools to get their jobs done.

George conducts training at the host’s facility or at the Kansas facility with accommodations and meals that offers thousands of acres of secluded acreage, abandoned buildings, livestock proofing, man hunt environments, directional training, and odor work.